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Can I update my website with my mobile phone

Yes you can, Udo is one of the first web builder platforms that allow true dynamic website updates, whether adding products or editing pages you can do this on any device whether a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. Infact we have many artists who only make updates using the mobile. Call for a free demo if needed.

How long does it take to build a website?

A good question, there are many deciding factors such as the size of the site and what functionality you require. We find the biggest determining factor of time is how ready you are with your content and images and whether you need help in sourcing images and writing copy for your website. The more prepared you are the quicker your website will be created. Generally a 4 page website can take as little as 48 hours to a week, a larger website 6 -8 weeks+. 

How much does a website cost in Australia?

If you're a small business owner in Australia a professional custom designed website will cost anywhere from $2000-$12000+ depending on its size and complexity. It's important that you and your web designer understand your expectations, so make sure your clear about what you require. Udo offer some cheaper website options and packages to help get you started from as little as $990. You can also get an instant quote by using our website price calculator, and we will email your quote to you straight away.

How much does it cost to build a website for a small business?

This can vary a lot depending on your requirements. Try using the Udo website price calculator to get an instant quote, this will be sent to your email straight away. We also have a couple of packages to help get you online as options. Udo is an affordable option for businesses and offer an easy way to get online.

Is the Udo web builder better than Wordpress

The main differences between Udo vs WordPress are: Udo gives you complete design control & freedom without the need of understanding coding, whereas WordPress is template-based, or coded from scratch and relies on plugins. Udo doesn't rely on plugins and has quality clean code, whereas WordPress code can become cluttered and in some cases a security risk due to the extensive need for 3rd party written plugins. We also guarantee that Udo is easier to edit and update than WordPress and would love the opportunity to show you this.

What are the monthly running costs for a website?

Again this can vary depending on your expectations. Whether you're looking for hosting only or for someone to help manage your website. Generally, quality hosting starts around $30+ per month. Quality hosting helps with site speed, SEO, security and overall functionality of your website and we would highly recommend if your website is important to your business. If you're looking for someone to help manage your website the associated cost will vary depending on how many hours you need per month and their hourly rate. Web designers can help in many ways including, hosting, site content population, new functionality, SEO enhancements, Online marketing plus much more. A trusted web designer is an essential partner to the success of your website and usually a very helpful resource and team member.

What is an average cost for a website?

The average website cost does vary depending on what you require, for example, is it a standard brochure style website or whether you're selling products online. How many pages and /or products. Try our online Website Price Calculator and get an Instant Website Price emailed to you straight away. 

In conclusion, the cost of a single page website ranges from $500 to $1500, you could get started with a template website between $720 to $3,500 or a custom website ranging from $2,000 to $12,000+. In our experience, the average cost of website design for small businesses falls between $1,500 and $5,000+, a medium-size business website $5000 - $50,000+, a large business website from $30,000+ (custom functionality & automation could change these prices)

What Website builder platform is Australian?

Udo is an Australian owned, designed and developed Website Builder for Australian Businesses. Fully supported here in Australia via phone email and a ticketing system. We offer affordable options for those who want a web designer to help design and create their website for them. You can get an instant price using our Website Price Calculator or view our packages to help get you started. Or just give us a call on 1300 836 932. Websites made easy.

Where can I find a Website Price Calculator?

Udo offer an instant easy to use Website Price Calculator, just add how many pages you require, and if you're selling or displaying products online then how many. Udo will then send your affordable instant website price straight away to your email.

Bespoke Websites Created with Udo

The websites below have unique requirements including 3rd party integrations or bespoke functionality to help make their business more efficient. If your website has custom requirements please call for a chat, I'm sure we will be able to help or at least point you in the right direction.


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Switches Plus
Web Design - ERP Integration - eCommerce - Search Function - Quick Order - Easy Re-Order - SEO Optimisation - Email Marketing - Pro Webstats

Switches Plus & Component

Electronic & Electrical Component Suppliers
Switches, Beacons & Alarms, Connectors, Enclosures, Cables, Circut Protectors, Contactors & Relays Terminal Plus more.

SwitchesPlus identified a pressing need to revamp its outdated and unwieldy website, due to a lack of functionality and not being mobile device friendly.

The revamped website elegantly combines a contemporary design with the efficiency of an integrated ERP system, ensuring a unified data entry process. Leveraging advanced SEO techniques, it's poised to climb the Google rankings, while its meticulous attention to UI and UX promises users an intuitive navigation experience. Enhanced features enrich its functionality, such as volume discounts and streamlined reordering. Moreover, with full eCommerce integration, the site is meticulously optimised for seamless mobile device interactions.

"While doing our new website, we found Udo were very professional, timely, easy to work with, and very responsive. They actually listen to what you want, and deliver on that - and that is very rare. But to top it off, they are genuine and lovely people. Our company would use their services again without any hesitation."

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Forme Technologies

Web Design - SEO Optimisation - Web Stats - Email Marketing - Case Studies

Forme Technologies

Engineering & Manufacturing
Toolmakers, Product Development, Injection Moulding, Cleanroom Manufacturing Facility.

Forme Technologies sought to enhance its online presence by updating its website with a contemporary design. The aim was to adopt a system that could be seamlessly updated in-house. Additionally, there was a strategic emphasis on realigning with their core target market due to the observed absence of lead generation.

The revamped website now embodies the aesthetic Forme Technologies intended, catering specifically to its core demographic. Since its launch, the site has successfully generated numerous leads, fostering new targeted opportunities.

"Working with Ross and his team has been a delight. Apart from the hold ups that we caused, they have delivered on time and everything works as described! Yes, we would do it again"

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VAS Gallery - The Victorian Artists Society

Web Design - Membership Portal- Events - Artist Profiles - Art School - Online Exhibitions - eCommerce - SEO Optimisation - Email Marketing - Pro Webstats

VAS Gallery (Victorian Artists Society)

Art Gallery, Art Society, Art Institute

The Victorian Artists Society, with its esteemed 150-year legacy as an art gallery championing local Victoria artists, recognised an urgent need to rejuvenate its digital presence. Their former website, now outdated and missing vital features, called for a modern transformation to future-proof their venerable history and continued support of the artistic community.

Recognising a pivotal moment in its journey, the Victorian Artists Society has elegantly transformed its digital platform, seamlessly merging a storied 150-year tradition with today's technological advancements. Beyond merely celebrating their unwavering dedication to local Victoria artists, this revamped website places them at the cutting edge of artistic engagement. Artists can now effortlessly become members, curate personal profiles, showcase and sell their masterpieces online, or participate in art shows at their discretion. They also have the privilege to book specific galleries when the occasion demands. For art enthusiasts and the wider public, the site provides a window to upcoming events, ticket bookings, and the opportunity to acquire art pieces online. They possess complete autonomy over their website, benefiting from the user-friendly Udo CMS.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to be working with website designers MODD and Udo Website Builder on our new VAS Gallery website. The duo have been professional and easy to work with, who held our hand from the initial design phase right through to final delivery of our website. Chris and Ross were able to problem solve any issues we faced and created a beautiful and user friendly website that will be of great service to our artists for many years to come"

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Facilitator Training
Web Design - My Account- Events - Courses - eCommerce - Smart Forms - SEO Optimisation - Email Marketing - Pro Webstats

Facilitator Training

Business Investment Management Training
Investment Management Facilitation Australia and New Zealand

Fankhauser & Associates recognised an urgent need to refresh their digital presence, particularly for their Facilitator Training programs. Their existing website, plagued by dated aesthetics, cumbersome updating processes, and lagging performance, demanded a modern and nimble replacement to better reflect their commitment to excellence.

In addressing their digital constraints, Fankhauser & Associates launched a revitalised website that now mirrors their core values and competencies. This sleek platform serves as a beacon for their dynamic, focused, and interactive training programs, which are meticulously designed to aid businesses in investment decision-making, business case development, benefit realisation, and strategic planning. With this transformation, they are poised to support businesses more effectively in their growth and strategic endeavours. Furthermore, customers can seamlessly view upcoming courses through the integrated calendar, make online inquiries, and book courses for individuals or groups. The added functionality also allows attendees to specify dietary requirements, ensuring a tailored experience for every participant.

"It was a pleasure to work with Ross and Chris from Udo and I can wholeheartedly recommend their services. They were professional, responsive and creative. Ross and Chris gave insightful advice on design and process improvement that has elevated the performance of our new website, including some significant automation functions. These have made a huge difference to the back-end efficiency of my consulting and training business as well as engagement with my clients. Udo is a very client-focused company that works hard to understand and support its clients. Thank you!"

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MPRJ Building Job Tracker

Melbourne Property Rejuvenation

Commercial Building & Construction.
OC Building Maintenance & Services

Melbourne Property Rejuvenation sought to enhance its customer relationships and boost internal transparency and efficiency. We decided a WebApp would be the ideal application due to being onsite and the availability of everyone's phone. It was crucial for the WebApp to be simple, easy to use and intuitive.

To realise their goals, we conceptualised and developed a WebApp finely calibrated to Melbourne Property Rejuvenation's distinctive operational demands and client interaction targets. This intuitive yet potent tool has revolutionised communications, offering a seamless bridge between management and customers. By empowering management to assign tasks to project managers, who in turn update all pertinent stakeholders on project progression, they have significantly reduced time wastage and curtailed unnecessary phone calls, enhancing overall project oversight, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

"The WebApp has been a game-changer for us. It's effectively eliminated all unnecessary calls related to our projects, streamlining our communications process. Our customers have been very impressed with the enhanced job communication, and the milestone-based payment scheduling has had a tremendously positive impact on our cash flow. We couldn't be more delighted with the results."
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