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About U do

U do is a website builder platform that gives you more flexibility, functionality and power.

Our Story

[U do = you do]

Empowering businesses to succeed!

Welcome to U do, an Australian-made Website Builder delivering an outstanding self-managed website builder for small to medium businesses. 

We cater for small to medium enterprise businesses as well as associations, sporting clubs, individual artists and anyone who wants to communicate, sell, promote or affirm their web presence. 

U do was developed for companies like yours—a company that just needs more! Your current CMS doesn't cut it anymore. You need more power, flexibility, and functionality without having to deal with different service providers or plugins. You have special requirements, or perhaps you require something bespoke, and you want to give your website real purpose.

U do offers you all this, the power and tools to self-manage your website, to add, change, and update it as often as you like.

Because U do is enterprise-level software, you can also choose from an integrated product catalogue tool, eCommerce and CRM tools, and Email Marketing to sell your services and products and promote them regularly to your client base.

Our Values


We will make our workplace a fun and vibrant environment.


We LOVE design and all that is digital. We will create experiences that inspire customers and end users alike.


We believe in giving the individual the power to create great things and become one with the digital space.


Honesty and ethics are a crucial part of our makeup and are fundamental to everything we do.


We know sometimes things need to be done differently, go against the trend and turned upside down if necessary.

User Focus

User experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI) are our core focus.


We take ownership of problems and solve them to the best of our capabilities as quickly as possible.


We will endeavour to help you succeed online by delivering logical and easy to use functionality.

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