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At U do, innovation is our heartbeat, and your preferences fuel our progress. Today, we're reaching out with an exciting opportunity that puts the power of choice in your hands.

As we look to enrich your U do web builder experience, we've narrowed down three remarkable features that could take your creative journey to new heights:

1️⃣ Design Section Library:

Add and build pages quickly with our pre-design sections. Drag and drop sections into pages and click to edit to change images and text. Helping to create beautifully designed pages effortlessly.


2️⃣ Direct Video Reel Upload:

Capture the essence of your moments on the go and directly upload video reels from your phone to your website. Choose a shape to display either portrait, landscape or square and share your stories effortlessly!


3️⃣ Scheduler Appointment Booking Module:

Streamline your business operations with a scheduling module that empowers clients to book appointments easily. Simplify and elevate your client interactions.

Scheduler Appointment Feature

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