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JobTRAK: Streamline Job Tracking for Maintenance & Building

JobTRAK - Jobs and Tasks Tracking WebApp

In the fast-paced world of maintenance and building industries, efficient job and task management are paramount. From tracking projects to managing staff activities, staying organised is key to success. However, the traditional methods of manual tracking and paperwork often lead to inefficiencies and delays

Enter JobTRAK – a revolutionary WebApp powered by U do that is set to transform the way maintenance and building professionals track jobs and tasks. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, JobTRAK is poised to streamline workflows and boost productivity across the board.

Effortless Job and Task Management

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets and endless paperwork. JobTRAK offers an easy-to-use platform where users can effortlessly manage jobs and tasks with just a few clicks. Whether you're assigning tasks to team members or tracking project progress, JobTRAK makes it simple and straight forward.

JobTRAK WebApp

Clock On and Off with Ease

Tracking time accurately is essential for any project, and JobTRAK makes it a breeze. Staff can easily clock on and off for breaks or the day directly within the WebApp, ensuring accurate timekeeping and eliminating the need for manual time-tracking methods.

Capture Before and After Photos

Visual documentation is crucial in the maintenance and building industries, and JobTRAK makes it easier than ever. With built-in photo capture capabilities, users can snap before and after photos to track progress, document changes, and provide visual evidence of completed work.

JobTRAK WebApp2

Real-Time Updates and Status Tracking

Stay in the loop with real-time updates and status tracking. JobTRAK allows users to make updates to tasks on the go, ensuring that everyone stays informed and projects stay on track. From marking tasks as complete to updating progress status, JobTRAK provides full transparency and visibility into project workflows.

JobTRAK WebApp3

Comprehensive Reporting and Invoicing

Gone are the days of sifting through piles of paperwork to generate reports and invoices. With JobTRAK, all your project data is at your fingertips. Access comprehensive historical information for reporting and invoicing purposes, making it easier than ever to track project timelines, budgets, and expenses.

Join the JobTRAK Revolution

Experience the power of JobTRAK and take your job tracking to the next level. Join the countless satisfied customers who have already made JobTRAK their go-to WebApp for seamless job and task management. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and unparalleled efficiency, JobTRAK is the ultimate solution for maintenance and building professionals.

Don't get left behind in the age of digital transformation. Try JobTRAK today and streamline your workflow like never before.

To learn more about JobTRAK and how it can benefit your business, contact our team for a demo.


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