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Do you know your Numbers?

Why not, it's your business to know!

Easily see how your website is running at a glance. Udo tracks all website traffic for you to analyse in your website admin dashboard, There is no need to go anywhere else as everything is in one place.

Knowing your website stats will give you a good insight into how your website is working for you and your business. It will help you understand what is working and what is not allowing you to change and make your website more of a business tool, a marketing platform and a content management tool.

Wouldn't it be good!

What if you could see how many people visit your website in a day, an hour or even right now. What if you could see where they're coming from, the device & browser they're using, how they found you, your top pages visited and even the flow of where they go.

Would it help understand your website better, your customer better?

Heat maps & recordings

View how people interact with your website, what they click on and where they go. Heatmaps give you crucial information on improving your website's user interface to get more clicks and conversions. As do recording visitor screens as they interact with your website to help understand how they use the website and identify possible changes and improvements.

Records screen

Individual Page Analytics

Drilling down and seeing individual page stats is a great way to analyse page performance and helps to look at ways to improve page interaction and conversions.

  • View page visits
  • Where they came from
  • What they did on the page 
  • How long they stayed
  • When they left and where they go next
  • Bounce rate

If you're interested in the performance on every page of your site, Udo gives you the tools.

Webstats for Pages, Products, Sales and more.

Udo offers web stats on all items on our platform, so if you're interested in popular products, sales, and email marketing, you can easily see their performance. Udo makes this process easy to track visitors to your website, how long they stay, how many pages/products they view and then how they interact with each other and where they go.

Simple and easy to view and understand all at your fingertips.

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