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How to Build a Website

A step-by-step guide to building your beautiful website with Udo.
Creating a website for your business, art studio, portfolio, sporting club, trade & services is important as we know first impressions count! Time to take action? This guide will show you how to get your website started even if you're unsure how to. We promise it's easy and we will help every step of the way.

01. Choose your website template

If you're unsure on how you want your website to look like we would recommend doing some research and in particular your competition to see what they're doing and to get an idea of the information and message they're presenting. Also, look outside your industry to see what others are doing.

You may want to think about the images you'll need and whether you need a photo shoot or to look for stock imagery, are you going to sell online or show a catalogue of products, or showcase your portfolio, provide case studies of current and past projects and offer news or blog posts.

All our website styles offer many options and can be easily adjusted to suit your website, for instance, you may like the look of the homepage on one site yet prefer other pages from other website template. Just show us the links to what you like so we can build & create your website the way you want.

02. Secure your domain

All websites need a domain, this is also known as the web address or URL and is where your website will live. Your domain is like your street address for your business online.


When choosing a domain name, think about your brand or business name or even keywords that match your business offering. For example, we use our brand name [Udo.net.au] where one of our clients uses their main service they offer and is more keyword & service-focused  [blindrepair.com.au]. 

If you already have secured a domain then we can use this domain. 

03. Send us your content

To start we need to understand what pages you would like to create for your website. Here are samples of typical pages used:

  1. Home (every website needs a homepage)
  2. About
  3. Services
  4. Portfolio / Projects
  5. Contact
  6. Blog or news

Now gather your text and images for each page and send it to Udo, then we can create your website upload your content and get your website live. If you need images either take pictures yourself or go to one of the many image libraries around like Unsplash, iStock, pixabay plus many more. Do a search for "free image libraries" in Google.

04. Show you how to update

We will organise a 1-hour face to face or Video meeting at a time that suits to show you how to update your website and add more content or even just a quick edit of the existing text. Your Udo website is easy to update,  simply drag images, text, videos and files straight into your website making updates quickly via your desktop or mobile device.

Udo mobile admin

Simply Click and Edit
Updating text or adding an image is as simple as clicking and editing. Call us for a chat if you like and we'll show you a demo. Nothing like seeing for yourself and giving it a go to give you confidence. 

Organic Google Search Optimisation (SEO)
In this session, we will also show you how to optimise your website for Google Search and maximise your chances of being found when potential customers are searching for what you offer and services provided.

05. Go Live & Spread The Word

Once you have checked your website and you're happy we can then go live to the world. Once live will then submit your new website to Google to help your website be found.

Now it is time to spread the word and share information about your website in any means possible. This may include the following, telling friends, family and work colleagues, emailing customers the link and sharing your website via any social media channels or forums that you're associated with. It's time to get your marketing hat on! 

If you have a customer mailing list we can import this list into Udo and use the inbuilt email marketing module to send important updates keeping your brand top of mind. All enquiries made via the forms on the website get automatically entered into your mailing list so your database will organically grow over time.

Hint: It is important to build your database for marketing purposes as it is still rated the most cost-effective form of marketing ever.

06. Update and Add More

Google Loves Content
Google loves websites that are updated constantly, generally the more changes or updates to a website the better. There is no such thing as to much content when it comes to Google, however, it is important to be relevant to what you do and offer.

Being Consistent!
Adding content constantly whether that is pages, news, products and then optimising the content with appropriate keywords and key phrases for Google search is the ultimate goal. This will ensure being found by customers when looking for what you offer and increase your conversions and sales.

What Next?
Your website should be more a business tool these days so look at ways how you can automate services or internal operations to become more efficient or enhance your customer's experience. There are so many options available these days. 

Website Automation Ideas

  • Business APP
  • eCommerce
  • B2B Customer Portal
  • Inspection Tool
  • Job Tracker App
  • 3rd Party Integration
    • XERO
    • MYOB
    • CRM
    • ERP

A step-by-step guide to creating a website with Udo.



Choose your website template
Find a design that you feel reflects your business style


Secure your domain
Create a unique URL for your domain


Send Udo your content
Gather all your text and images and email us 


Train you how to update
Organise a 1-hour meeting at a time that suits to show you how to update your website


Go live and Spread the Word
Time to go live and use our inbuilt marketing tools and grow your business


Update and Add more content
Keep your website fresh with adding new content and keeping customers up to date

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