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Are you frustrated with your WordPress site & looking for an alternative?

WordPress is a good web platform for many! however, sometimes Wordpress just doesn't fit with what you need. What Udo offers is an alternative to those who are frustrated by the WordPress platform, and who are looking for an alternative.

We do know WordPress is not for everyone and in some cases, some people actually hate it with a passion! And at times WordPress may not be a good fit for the purpose of your website or your business. WordPress relies on multiple plugins to work and in doing so there is a potential of your site becoming vulnerable to hacking and a security risk. Udo is a self-contained feature-rich web platform so you don't need to worry about the different plugins required.

If you are one of the many frustrated WordPress users who's looking for an alternative web platform we would love the chance to show you the Udo platform. We know that Udo will make your life much easier as many of our customers who have come from the WordPress platform have told us time and time again exactly that "how much easier Udo is than WordPress to use" and they absolutely love it. 

Why is Udo better than WordPress.

Udo is ideal for all types of sites whether a simple standard brochure style site or something that is more complex and content heavy or maybe you require a flexible bespoke eCommerce solution with a completely editable and flexible cart process. 

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We believe WordPress for the average user is to hard to use and at some stage managing your website will go pear-shaped. With the Udo web platform, we have developed a system that is truly easy to use without the need of any programming knowledge so we can then avoid these scenarios as much as possible. 

Generally, when we get the opportunity to provide a demo of Udo we actually end up with a close rate of over 70%. I'm not saying this to brag about how wonderful we are but more about how our customers love the simplicity of Udo and how they can actually see themselves using it.

Everything is drag and drop including text, images, files and videos straight into the admin and pages. You can even drag and drop from either word docs or other web pages making your life so much easier. To make edits it is just a matter of clicking on the content required to either edit, type or remove. 

Udo has many different content type blocks you can drag into your pages to add more content and then giving you tools for each block to do what you want with it. And for the more advanced person, Udo allows you to take full control of your themes, page styles, site colours and fonts of your website. 

Udo tools

One of the main concerns many WordPress users say to us is what about my Google ranking, is Udo as good or better for SEO and my answer to that is yes it is, and we will prove it to you right now, how did you find this page and why are you here? I would say you found us through searching on Google for "WordPress Alternative web platforms" or something similar correct?

Last time we checked the key phrase "WordPress alternative web platform" had over 26 Million pages that we were up against. We got ourselves on page 1 in Google in just over a day. The key phrase "WordPress Alternative" had over 460 million pages. After day 1 we were page 8 and climbing. We will be on page 1 soon, watch this space.

Do you need more proof than that?

Yes, then talk to us and I will show you 100's sites that we have produced who are all on page 1 if not number 1 in Google. 

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Why we built Udo

Over this time we have been listening to business owner’s frustrations and the issues they come across when managing and building their own websites, especially people running on web platforms such as WordPress. I mean we find it hard and we are web developers so we can understand how you feel, there had to be a better way, hence Udo was born.

"I don’t have time to manage my website” 
"Websites don't work for our business"
“Why can't it be easier to update my site?” 
“How do I get on page one of Google?” 
”Why does it cost so much?”
"My website is broken how do I fix it?"
"I don't understand how to do this?"
"How do I add an image or create a page"
"How do I add a video to my site?"

And so on and so on.....

With Udo, that all changes.

Website owners can finally see and understand how their content is going to look by going into design mode, this way you can see how everything is laid out on the page while editing without the worry of breaking the site. Easily edit content by simply clicking on the specific text and images that you want to update, drag and drop images and videos straight into your pages. Move text blocks and images around without breaking the page.  Take control of your Google search engine optimisation so you can be found.  Udo can do all this and is affordable for you.

So if you are frustrated with your website and looking for an alternative web platform to WordPress then let's chat and see how we can help you and your business grow online.

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