Super heros

If your Website was a Person who would it be?

Lets have a little fun here and let your imagination run wild for a moment!

I want you to imagine that your website is a person who is representing your business. The ideal person to help your business.

Who would it be?

A Superhero, Industry Expert, Super Salesperson, Tech Guru...?

Whoever you choose you would want this person to have clear defined goals and targets, to have the expertise and knowledge required, to be motivated and professionally dressed and most of all have the communication skills so they can then offer the right solution to the customer to help solve their problem.

You would expect this person to get results. If they don’t get results what do you do? 

Would then try to train them, help them improve or find another person to fill this role.

This is same with your website, if it’s not representing your company well, offering your visitors what they want or getting the results you expect then something needs to change. 

Why would you stay in the status quo?

However we see this happening all the time, business owners complain because their website is not working for them, yet they have not planned well or even have goals for their website and usually more often than not hasn't been updated for months if not years. If this is the case how can you expect your website to work.

If you plan and set goals and objectives for your website and then invested the time and money into your website I will guarantee not olny would get strong positive results but you will want to then invest more time and money.

We have identified 5 key points for you to create a successful website.

5 Key Points for a successfull website.

Planning - Goals and objectives
  • Planning for success - all parts of your business need a plan including the website.
  • Work out what your website goals are
    • New site
    • Site revamp
    • Increase site traffic or conversions
  • Deciding on the website's purpose
    • Sell products (eCommerce) 
    • Promote your services 
    • Become an Industry expert
  • Identify the “Calls to action”
    • They need to be front and centre
    • Eay to see and engage with
Design - Creating positive user experiences
  • UX & UI Design - User Experience and the User Interface
    • It's all about creating positive user experiences
  • Design with your goals in mind
  • Design around what your customers want, don't use company jargon or assume customers know what you mean. Quite often it is the opposite.
  • Implement your “Calls to action” into your web pages
  • Responsive in design (mobile device friendly)
  • Easy to use navigation with logical pathways 
  • Smart logical design will increase conversions 
Content Creation - Google loves fresh content
  • Well written easy to understand content 
  • Good photography will enhance your site
  • Don’t waffle and bore your audience
  • Offer useful information, news or white papers.
  • Google loves fresh content 
    • The more you update your website, the more often Google will visit your website, which will help improve your Google ranking
Marketing - Keeping yourself front and centre
  • Email marketing
  • Building a database
    • Niche
    • Targeted messages 
  • Keep your brand front and centre
  • Offer interesting information (no waffle)
Search Engine Optimisation - On-page
  • On Page (organic search)
  • Meta tags
    • Titlebar (page specific)
    • Description (page specific)
  • It is important that you have a content strategy in place.
  • Dedicated pages for services and tiopixcs you want to be found on using important keywords 
  • Images - Alt tags help explain what the image is about.
  • FAQ’s - Take advantage of the common questions you get, you've heard of the phrase Google it haven't you.
  • You need to make sure that the links in your website all work.
  • Site speed is important, make sure you're being hosted on premium servers with a good track record. Google ranks you on site speed.
  • Make sure your website is responsive.

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