Our Story

We have been in the web industry since 2001 and during that time we have learnt a lot about the do's and don'ts of what works online and how to maximise your website’s potential.

This is why we built Udo, a web platform that is easy to use, scalable, professionally designed and most importantly affordable. Udo is our own product that we've designed and developed right here in Melbourne Australia. We do everything in-house so there is no outsourcing. 

Why we built Udo

Over this time we have been listening to business owner’s frustrations and the issues they come across when managing and building their own websites.

"I don’t have time to manage my website” 
"Websites don't work for our business"
“Why can't it be easier to update my site?” 
“How do I get on page one of Google?” 
”Why does it cost so much?”

With Udo, all that changes. Website owners can finally see and understand how their content is going to look while editing without the worry of breaking the site. Easily edit content by simply clicking on the specific text and images that you want to update, drag and drop images and videos straight into your pages. Move text blocks and images around without breaking the page.  Take control of your Google search engine optimisation so you can be found.  Udo can do all this and is affordable for you.

Udo websites2

What we do

We will take the text and images that you supply us and then we create a stunning website customised to your brand, one that you’ll be proud of. All within your budget. We will identify the main calls to action for your website, to help boost site conversions. We will optimise the website for Google and make sure the website is mobile device friendly. Once finished and live to the world you can then self-manage your website and add as many pages as you like, for free.  
Whether it is a new website or a website revamp we can help you achieve your website goals quickly and at an affordable price.

We believe we have created a unique product that gives a website owner power to control everything, without needing to be a programmer or need a web designer. Simple and scalable.

The team behind Udo

The Udo team members work well together and compliment each other's skill sets. We talk in your language, to help you understand the online world and what we can do for you. 

Chris Seufert Head Shot

Chris Seufert

Software Engineer

Chris has always been intrigued by how things work, and this led him to complete a bachelor of computer systems engineering. Even before completing his degree, Chris had built systems to assist several businesses in their day-to-day operations.


Ross Munro

Designer UX & UI 

Ross loves the web and anything digital. His fascination with design and the latest technologies helps him keep ahead of the game. He's been in the web industry since 2001  helping businesses maximise their website's effectiveness.

Ryan Zhang

Ryan Zhang

Front End Developer

Ryan's interest in front end development shows in his work. He has been an important part of our team in developing Udo from the start.

His enthusiasm is as strong today as it was when he started. 


How it works

To put it simply, we do all the work for you!

Hassle FREE web design. We custom design your site, we populate your pages with your text and images, we optimse your website for Google searches and we host and upload your website live to the world. It really is that easy.

You choose from one of our themes or one of our existing websites.

You decide on how many pages you would like to have with the .

You send us the logo, page text and images you would like to use in your website.

We will then build your website and customise it to your brand.

We will populate and finish the website with your content that you supplied.

You can then check the website before going live to make sure all is correct.

We will upload your website and make live to the world all with in 48 hours.

We will teach you how to update your website so you can edit and add as many pages as you like without costing you a cent.

We then support you and your website to make sure it is running smoothly.

All this at an affordable price. It really is that easy.  

Udo is possibly the last website you will ever need.



Udo - Digital  Design Agency offering affordable and professional website design services for business.